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Lazy River Firelight Combo (1hr 22min) – Relax on the lazy river then spend more time around the campfire.
Beachside Sleep Meditation (14 Min) –
Relax and fall asleep to the sound of the ocean and a soothing voice.
Lazy River (35 Min) –
Drift down a lazy river and relax as you fall asleep.
Lucid Dreaming (30 Min) – Train your brain how to lucid dream as you relax and fall asleep.
Power 2 Heal (50 Min) – Use your imagination to visualize positive health changes.
Tropical Treehouse GOLD (57 Min) – Gold patrons can enjoy this version with extra relaxation techniques.
Tropical Treehouse (50 Min) – Imagine spending the night in a Rain Forest high in the Canopy overlooking a waterfall.
A Helping Hand (50 Min) – Take all the steps down into deep, deep relaxation and discover something special.
Scuba Dive NAP Meditation (26 Min) –
Take an afternoon nap while imagining yourself scuba diving.
Happy Thoughts (Winter Wonderland Walk (50 Min) –
The snow is crisp and the sky is clear as you walk to the lookout.
Dreams Of Flying/Island Paradise (GOLD 1hr 27min) –
Imagine you can fly to a tropical island and fall asleep.
Zen Garden Worry Buddha (55 Min) –
Take a break from your worries and concerns and relax!
Well Wishes (25 Min) –
Walk through the woods and make a wish.
​Remember Sleep + Relaxing Descent (GOLD 1 hour 15 min) –
Enjoy this soothing guided meditation combo!
Peace and Harmony (25 Min) –
Visit the park and find harmony and balance as you relax
Christmas Miracles (1 hour) –
Relax during the Holidays and fall asleep as you build your Christmas Spirit!
Let it Rain (1 Hour) –
Enjoy the rain storm as you build resources within yourself and relax deeply
The Staircase (1 hour) –
Celebrating reaching 500 Patrons on Patreon! Follow the staircase down into deep relaxation
Breaking Bad Habits ( 15 Min) – 
Reinforce your desire to break any bad habit or behaviour
Positive Affirmations 3 (1 Hour) – Relax and fall asleep to the sound of positive affirmations that will lift you up!
Corn Maze (43 Min) – Enter the corn maze and explore as you relax and fall asleep
​Zen Waterfall (8 Min) – Ambient relaxation with waterfall sounds
Zen Beach + Lighthouse ( GOLD 1hr 45min) – A long play guided sleep meditation combo for Gold Patrons
The Dark Castle Halloween Meditation (32 Min) – A scary, creepy way to fall asleep
Birds By The Stream (1hr 30 Min)  – An ambient nature meditation for relaxation (no speaking)
Making Decisions (Daytime Session) – Examine the options when you have difficulty making a decision
Positive Affirmations 3 (1 hr) – Fall asleep while receiving wonderful positive affirmations
Distant Shores + Cavern Of Peace Combo (1.5hr) – A long play sleep meditation combo for our Gold Patrons
Distant Shores (59 min) – The tide is changing and change is easy when you relax and get the rest you need
Island Paradise Sleep Meditation (1 hr) – Take yourself away to a Tropical Island where you can really relax
Manta Ray Bay (1 hr) – Take a journey to an underwater vacation home where you can relax deeply and watch the sea life
​Gentle Talk Down Sleep Meditation (55min) – Start at your toes and relax every muscle in your body as you fall asleep
Stream Of Creativity (45min) – Take a walk on a path that follows a stream into the forest and increase creativity
Cavern Of Peace (45min) – Visit the cavern of peace where you can relax completely and anything is possible.
Relax Quickly(18min) – 
Get relaxed quickly so you can fall asleep easily
Weight Loss Motivation(5:40) – A short morning meditation to help you stay focused and motivated!
Focus on Weight Loss(30min)– 
Focus on how good you will look and feel when you achieve your goal!
Summer Evening(1hr) – 
Fall asleep to the sound of gentle crickets and a crackling camp fire.
Dreams Of Flying (1hr)– Take to the air and imagine you can fly as you relax before falling asleep.
The Lighthouse (1hr) – Relax completely as you get a new perspective at top of a lighthouse 
Zen Beach (Female Voice) (44min)– Create a resource to boost self confidence and personal power
Zen Beach (Male Voice) (1hr) – Create a resource to boost self confidence and personal power
Healing Stones (1 hr) – Powerful visualizations for being healthy and well
Going Places (1 hr) – Leave your baggage behind, relax deeply and take a journey on a train
Relaxing Descent (45 min) – Take a series of escalators all the way down into deep relaxation
Find It Hypnosis! (15 min) – To help you find things you’ve misplaced Daytime)
Pets From Your Past (16 min)– Remember the joy your pets from the past provided you.
Skipping Stones (12 min) – Goals Meditation (podcast)
Love & Kindness (1hr) – Sleep Meditation
Heart Chakra Meditation (7 Min) (Daytime)
Firelight (1 hr) – Sleep Meditation
A New Day ( 7:21) – Morning Meditation
Focus on now (11:53) – Stop being distracted and enjoy what’s going on
Holiday Stress Relief (12:39) – Relax during any Holiday, especially Christmas
Scuba Dive (11:49) (Daytime stress reducer)
A walk in the forest (1hr) – Super relaxing journey through the woods
Mind like water (30 min) – Tap the resources within yourself
More rain and relaxation (1 hr) – A longer version of Rain & Relaxation
Difficult people (45min) – Build resources to deal with difficult people
My Blank Canvas (28 min) – Create your a different work of art each time!
Back To Sleep (31 min) – Fall back to sleep quickly
Deep Serenity (17 min) – Wonderful deep relaxation
Magic Elixir (30 min) – Mix the right ingredients to give you the outcome you want
Morning Motivation (7 min) – Set the right tone for your day!
Love and Relaxation (7 min) – Reduce stress and reduce negativity
Counting Sleep (1 hr) – Counting down from 100-1 as you relax and fall asleep
The Lantern (1 hr) – Let go of negative experiences from your past
Seaside Escape Power Nap – Relax and recharge with ocean waves
A Time For You – Positive suggestions and messages to lift you up
10 Minute Power Nap – Take a break anytime
Dealing with Challenges – Deal with challenges & problems more easily
Healthy Blood Pressure – Visualizations to relax and ease hypertension
The Inlet – Gather resources from the people you admire
Message in a bottle – What message will your subconscious send you?
No more insomnia – Fast relaxation at bedtime
The Lottery – Fantasize of winning the lottery
Photo Gallery – Discover what is holding you back
Hawaiian Coast – Pacific waves of relaxation
Comfort and relaxation – Relaxing soothing voice and soothing sounds
Goodbye Winter Blues – Forget about winter for a few minutes and relax
Stop Worrying – Do you worry to much or about things you can’t control?
Focus on healing – Surround yourself with healing white light
Reflections of change – Make personal changes quickly and easily
Positive Life Affirmations – When were you last complimented? Uplifting!
Daily Negativity Cleanse – Wipe away negativity and focus on the good.
Beachside sleep meditation – Waves of relaxation await you.
Relaxing waterfall meditation – Cleanse your mind & body and re-ground
Evening Crickets – The sounds of a summer evening to help you relax
Deep Relaxation – Go deep quickly so you can fall asleep fast
Weight Loss Affirmations – Supporting your weight loss goals
Relaxing Journey – Take a journey into relaxation and build self esteem
Morning Gratitude – What are you grateful for today?
7 Steps To Centred – Balance the Chakras and reset your energy
Stress Oasis – Let the stress melt away
Soul Mate Attraction – Visualize and define the person you seek
Mind Control – My favourite for deep, deep relaxation
Best Sleep Meditation – Take a walk through the garden at sunset
Positive wealth affirmations – Wealth is beginning to flow to you easily
Rapid Relaxation – Relax quickly and easily at bedtime
Bedtime Blanket – Lie down on a blanket and nap in the summer meadow
Journey Into Space – Imagine your ability to separate mind and body
Sleeping by the sea – Lie in a hammock and fall asleep to ocean waves
Rain and relaxation – Rain on a roof and my guiding voice to relax you
Relaxing by the lake – Loons and the lake lapping the shore to relax
Night Light sleep meditation – Powerful healing visualizations
Summer Meadow – The sounds of summer and my relaxing voice
Remember sleep – Progressive muscle relaxation to help you sleep
Gratitude sleep meditation – Focus on what you are grateful for & sleep
Countdown to relaxation – A sleep meditation for the busy mind
Holistic Waterfall – Ambient sound of song birds and waterfalls
Ocean Walk – Take a walk along the beach and fall asleep