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Zen Beach Sleep Meditation (free short Version)

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Imagine yourself walking on a beautiful tropical beach.  The sun is just beginning to set and with each step you take, you relax more and more until you drift off into a wonderful sleep.

Cavern Of Peace (free short Version)

Visit the Cavern of Peace, a place where you can relax completely and anything is possible. Unleash your inner strength and you ability to make the positive changes in your life you desire. Become a patron by clicking here and get access up to 100+ sleep meditations and the 1 hour version of this meditation!

Relaxing Descent Sleep Meditation (short free version)

Ride a series of escalators down into deep relaxation. Remember the positive times in your life as you continue to relax deeper and deeper until you drift off to sleep at your own time and pace. This a the short free version of this meditation. Click here to become a patron and listen to the full version and up to 100+ other guided sleep meditations!