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Alice in Wonderland sleep meditation – Chapter 7 (1hr)

Lay down in a place where you can fall asleep comfortably as you enjoy what may be the most famous chapter of Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland, A Mad Tea Party.  Following the reading of chapter 7, we'll move on to a relaxing meditation to help you drift off into a wonderful slumber (if you...

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Peaceful calm sleep meditation (1hr)

In this meditation, you'll be relaxing deeply as you ride an escalator down below the surface... though a series of lights that filter negativity and help you relax even more. At the bottom of the escalator is a wonderful white light which is empower, relaxing and uplifting, rising your vibration to new levels as you...

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Just breathe and relax – sleep meditation (40min)

We'll start of this deeply relaxing sleep meditation with a 4-7-8 breathing technique. Then as you relax even more, you'll visualize or imagine yourself lying on a white fully cloud that absorbs negativity of all kinds, along with anxiety and worry, leaving you feeling good and so relaxed.  Then you'll gain a new perspective on...

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Zen Beach 8D Sleep Meditation (1hr)

There is a new type of audio that's becoming quite popular online which is known as 8D. This audio format provides the listener with a more immersive experience by having the audio move around you and come from a variety of different directions providing a kind of live listening experience.  We are now introducing some...

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Tropical Rainforest Sleep Meditation Combo (82 min)

Imagine hiking all day and then settling down into your tent to fall asleep. The sounds of the rainforest wildlife are all around you as it begins to rain. You relax more and more deeply as you receive positive affirmations before the journey continues onto a place where a modern treehouse has been constructed in...

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Alice In Wonderland Sleep Meditation – Chapter 6 (45min)

Relax and drift off to sleep as we read Chapter 6 of Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland. Alice meets a Cheshire cat with a big smile and a unique ability. Things get pig crazy in kitchen and Alice must change sizes again when she finds a house of a different size. After the reading of...

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Back to sleep meditation -rainforest edition

Imagine yourself in a tent in the rainforest. You can hear all the sounds of nature in the jungle around you and as it starts to rain you begin to relax more and more until you fall asleep to wonderful positive affirmations.... To view this content, you must be a member of Tracks To Relax's...

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Bridge to Comfort Sleep Meditation (1hr)

Enter a beautiful forest with magical properties and follow the path to a an arched bridge that spans a river. Leave your worries and troubles on this side of the bridge the cross over to discover a place that's deeply relaxing and comforting.... To view this content, you must be a member of Tracks To...

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Winter Wonderland Sleep Meditation – Christmas Edition (1hr)

Imagine taking a long walk on the crunchy snow as you take in all the beauty of the winter landscape.  You'll ride a horse drawn sleigh back to your cozy cottage and then fall asleep by the fire to a reading of A visit by Saint Nicholas by Clement C. Moore.  Merry Christmas everyone!... To...

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Stop Procrastination Sleep Meditation (Gold 45Min)

This empowering session took longer to create that expected, but we know you're going to love the result! If you want to discover new ways to get motivated and get things done, this sleep meditation can help you Stop Procrastination! With empowering suggestions for your unconscious mind and positive affirmations as well, you'll find yourself...

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Zen Zone Goals Meditation (Daytime 21min)

This meditation can be used in the daytime or early evening and can help you focus on a goal that you wish to achieve. With positive messages and affirmations you'll relax and become more resourceful in your ability to turn goals into reality. You will be asked to open your eyes at the end of...

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Inner Peace sleep meditation (40min)

Enter a wonderful state of deep relaxation as you discover peace and tranquility within. Unlock the resource of your unconscious mind and bring your conscious and unconscious into harmony so that you can let go of limiting beliefs and adopt the belief that anything and everything is possible for you!... To view this content, you...

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